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Vall Illiev

Vall Illiev, founder of Shot Stop Ballistics, has operated his business at our Campus Drive Flex Building in Stow, Ohio since 2017. In 1977 Vall escaped communist rule in Bulgaria making his way to the United States and later settling in Stow, Ohio. Vall invented a patented body armor called Duritium. What makes Duritium unique is that it is extremely lightweight. Motivated by his past experiences under communist rule and a passion to save lives, Shot Stop Ballistics has sent, with plans to send more, thousands of body armor plates and vests to the citizens and military of Ukraine. Cleveland 5 News recently did a story on Vall and the team at Shot Stop Ballistics -you can check it out in link below.

Cleveland 5 News:

Also, check out Vall telling his personal story and motivations here:

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