Albrecht Incorporated is a 5th generation family business founded in Akron, Ohio in 1929.  We were founded to acquire, develop and manage the real estate assets of a related family business, The Fred W. Albrecht Grocery Company, which operates today as Acme Fresh Market grocery chain.

Over multiple decades, as the grocery industry’s operating formats expanded to accommodate changing customer needs, our grocery-related real estate locations and building configurations also expanded to address Acme’s growth and expansion. Today we own and manage a wide spectrum of Acme’s single tenant and grocery-anchored plazas while we continue to serve as the real estate partner for the acquisition, disposition, development, and management of Acme’s real estate needs.

While our growth and repositioning of grocery-related locations over the decades has helped to create a significant retail portfolio, we have also diversified our asset base with a large industrial portfolio consisting of logistics warehousing, flex and office configurations.

Today Albrecht, Incorporated owns and operates over four million square feet of commercial real estate.  We seek to acquire, build, sell and hold grocery, retail, industrial and office properties in the Northeast Ohio area.

Mission: Build, Buy, Sell, Hold

Our mission is to develop and manage our properties so our tenants can be successful.  If our tenants are successful then we will also be successful.  We build buildings when rental rates justify the costs of new construction.  We own our newly built projects for the long term.  We buy properties when we see the ability to create long-term value.  One of our goals is to “improve Northeast Ohio one property at a time.”   We sell properties that we see as being no longer a core asset to our long-term growth strategy. We hold strategically important properties where the on-going capital investment and management attention required to create quality real estate will be rewarded over the long-term.


We believe our mission is important every day.  The actions we take on a daily basis effect the businesses operating at our locations, the customers visiting our tenants and the vendors who are helping to service our properties.  Our associates are focused on the importance of this tenant, customer and vendor relationship.   We strive to meet the business needs of all parties in this equation, and for the actions of our associates to be fair, equitable and friendly in creating valued long term business relationships with tenants, customers and vendors.  We seek employees with skills and values that will embrace, support and grow these sentiments.